The Headsaflame Network is the brainchild of entrepreneur, artist and media producer Isaac Miller.

“I grew up on a small farm in Northern Michigan that was built by my Great Grandfather. In fact, I used to work in the garden and learned to milk goats as a kid. It’s such a stark contrast with what I’m doing today with Headsaflame. I’ve gone from working on a farm, to pushing the frontiers of digital media.  But that’s not even the coolest part! this is a legitimate freedom movement you know! Something that can change lives! It’s been a fascinating ride so far to say the least…”

Isaac Miller started his first business when he was 8 years old selling lunches from a hand-pulled cart to businesses in his local town. With the help of his Mom’s good cooking and support, “Isaac’s Lunch Wagon” quickly became a local hit.

“I used to do my route through town 3 days a week. I would get up early with my Mom and we’d get the sandwiches, drinks and other snacks together. I had a wooden wagon with large rubber tires and a handbrake. I would dawn a small homemade green apron and hat and we’d drive the whole rig into town in time for lunch. I’d pull my wagon of food right through the court house and sold lunches to the probate judge, county commissioner and all the ladies who worked in the office. I was eventually recognized on the front page of the local paper for my startup “business”.  I made decent money from it, but the experience fulfilling orders and counting back change and talking to people one-one were the most valuable things I think I gained from the experience.”





media consultant and strategist for political campaigns