• Chase Palmieri

    Hey Isaac. My name is Chase Palmieri and I’m one of the founders of Tribeworthy which you recently Liked on Facebook. I’ve been eye-balling your website, Facebook page, and even your youtube video with the top hat. You seem to stand for everything that I stand for and you seem to also have the fight in you that I think it will take for us to force truth back into media. I think we can help each other out and even if we can’t, I’m sure you and I would have a most excellent conversation. So hopefully you get back to me sometime soon and we can talk more in-depth about Headsaflame as well as what we’re aiming to accomplish with Tribeworthy.

    I see you already have some fondness for the word “Tribe”, so take that as a cosmic sign that we should connect. By the way Tribeworthy is a play on the word Trustworthy, except we have created a tool to allow the Tribe(our users) to review online articles and determine their credibility. So we’re a tool to empower people to rate online articles similar to how rotten tomatoes allows users and critics to rate movies. The ultimate goal is to give news outlets such as yours a level playing field against media conglomerates such as FOX News, and we would even filter your articles to the top of the feed if it receives a higher rating. I’m sure in you’re head you are already trying to pick apart the idea but we’ve addressed issues such as trolling and uninformed users destroying an article’s rating in some really creative ways. So hit me back and let’s see what comes next. Cheers brother.

    Chase Palmieri
    Founder and CEO of Tribeworthy

    • IsaacMiller

      Thanks for reaching out Chase! I’m always looking to network with like-minded individuals, especially people fighting for freedom of the press and looking to change the paradigm.

      I’ll shoot you an email and we can set up a time to chat.