I Lived With a 32nd Degree Mason for Over 6 Months, Here Are Some of the Secrets I Gleaned

I Lived With a 32nd Degree Mason for Over 6 Months, Here Are Some of the Secrets I Gleaned

March 29th, 2014

My old boss was a 32nd degree Mason. He was very rich and knew a great deal of things. What’s commonly known about the Free Masons is that they are a secret society who share in secret information. They come together and help each other succeed and abide by a set code of honor within the free mason community.

The Masons are just a group of people sharing a secret set of knowledge. Some of the Masons use this knowledge for good, some for evil. The fact that many powerful people are also free Masons means that the impact these people have is often more than your typical person whether that impact is positive or negative.

They share information about how the Universe works. They are taught about how our thoughts create reality. They are given mystical experiences and rights of passage to evolve their consciousness to be more powerful. A lot of their core values are in line with the spiritual beliefs of many faiths including Christian beliefs, but many christians fear them because of their talk about the “Light” or “Illumination” although that is also what Jesus talked about in the bible.

Masons have to swear upon pain of death and dismemberment that they will not share their secrets with non-masons. The funny thing is, anyone can be a Mason. You just have to ask a Free Mason you know to join and if they think you can cut it they’ll let you in. A free mason is just anyone who goes through three levels of basic training. All the other levels and rights in the Masons are optional, but the most powerful, successful and knowledgeable Masons are in the higher ranks.

Very interestingly, they do control a large part of the world and are active in every country, but the mystery surrounding them is pretty scary. I don’t like the thought of pledging allegiance to anyone other than my own spirit, I take my orders from God and listening to my intuition. But if you’re interested in hidden knowledge and how to gain power in the world, the Masons still have quite a hold.

Sadly they are having trouble now recruiting younger members, it’s slowly becoming extinct. Movies like “The Di Vici Code” and “National Treasure” have been bringing awareness to the Masons and increasing recruitment, they were probably funded by Masons as a huge advertisement for recruitment, who knows.

In the end, make your own mind up about the Masons! They have built the world you’re in now. I for one will choose my own freedom and follow my own path. I wish to make no enemies. There are free men and women all over the world discovering the truth and awakening to the possibilities as a conscious human being. The knowledge is being revealed by the Universe itself and no one from the old order can do anything to stop it.

I have nothing against the Masons, but I did part ways with my old boss. He was in the process of building a television network. He was also a Sheriff, and owned his own internet company. Masons are usually very powerful and influential people. Sadly there are a lot of people in power who are not in touch with their spirits in this day and age, and many of them are part of the problem.

Many Masons are very open minded and kind hearted people, they welcome people from all faiths, in fact you must believe in a higher power to be a member. They are pulling for a unified faith of their own, and their members have agreed on a core set of principles and values. Each level requires you to learn and prove you’ve learned a new one of their core values and commitments.

There’s room for all types of people in free masonry. At a certain point “in regards to super secret clubs” when asked initiative questions like “would you commit murder for financial gain?” And you answer no, they will congratulate you and tell you that was the right answer. Then your considered a member of the secret society. But what happens when you answer yes? That’s when they inform you that Yes was actually the correct answer and suddenly your brought into an even more secret club. Because of the nature of secret societies and how there isn’t actually a wrong answer for the major initiation questions, nobody “not even 33rd degree masons” can truly know for certain if they have or haven’t been duped. To be a mason ask a mason. But… don’t assume you will ever gain full clarification -Isaac Aiken

I understand they are behind much of the evil in the world, but many of our friends and neighbors are Masons, although mostly at the lower levels.

The problem behind free Masonry as that members equate having massive fortune and money with success. You have to contribute more money and be making more money to move up the levels in masonry. The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. That doesn’t mean money is bad, it just means that it shouldn’t be a priority or a measure of worth.  There are far more valuable and tangible things of value in our every day lives such as connection with friends and family, love, creating artwork or doing an activity you love. We must prioritize being happy over being rich.

Much I know about Masonry is from directly talking to a 32nd degree mason, which is the second highest level a Mason can achieve. I’ve also done my own independent research. If anyone has their own opinion on the Free Masons please express it in the comments and join a dialog! Please keep it civil for all perspectives are welcome.

The reason the Masons guard their secrets with such conviction is because they believe most people are not ready to grasp the information they have. It takes many years to master any information as we know, and the Masons have a one-on-one system of learning.

In Masonry knowledge is past down family to family, and person to person. Every one is assigned a mentor or “master” if you will, and everyone is also an apprentice. This is how many secret societies work.

Coming together with like-minded people is the only way to achieve any power. If the good side is to win we must come together as well. The trick is not losing freedom in the process of building an organization. It’s tough in this world for an organic movement to keep its soul and its momentum going.