Our planet is in the process of awakening. People from around the world are feeling the effects of this change in consciousness, and we are being brought together in synchronistic ways to aid in the ascension of the planet. The Headsaflame Network was created to accelerate the awakening process and allow visionary heroes from around the world to connect and inspire each other to truly “be the change” they wish to see in the world.

Our mission in creating the Headsaflame Network is to raise the consciousness of the global population by sharing ancient wisdom, spiritual concepts, and empowering information in a fun and accessible way” – Isaac Miller

headsaflameresponsiveWe have created an online media and communication platform for sharing life changing information to help awaken people to their inner freedom and creative potential. We believe that to change the world on the outside, we must first begin to change ourselves on the inside.

We give people the tools, training and support network they need to begin changing their lives and living their dreams, and that’s what makes our movement truly revolutionary.


Assembling the Tribe

Headsaflame is both an online multimedia platform, and real life community of like-minded people from around the world. Headsaflame.com is our tool for connecting with each other, sharing knowledge and support, and finding others who are also interested in creating a better, more enlightened world.

Through our media platform we will push our “freedom culture” mainstream and attract the revolutionary individuals we need to truly impact the world.

The TribeWe will use our platform to attract, educate, and engage our Tribe to work on their own projects, dreams and aspirations, as well as to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. We are a philanthropic endeavor passionately working to help people change the world. 

By coming together as a community and pooling our energy and resources we can accomplish anything we put our minds to, no matter how incredible. We will give to the homeless, we will provide for the sick and elderly, we will raise money for charities and causes we support world-wide. We will create conscious businesses and non-profits that help the planet. The sky is the limit once we assemble the Tribe and work on ourselves.

Our mission is no less than to 
Change the World


We wish to create a new culture based on wisdom and love. We want to show people what is possible when you come together around  a worthy cause and believe in yourself 100%. We are enabling the conscious connections needed to effect true global positive change. All of us have a unique calling on our lives. Through Headsaflame you can connect with your purpose and bring your dreams in to reality.

If you are someone who is passionate about changing the world than we need you in the Tribe!

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