How can we save the environment and ourselves? Awesome speech by Severn Cullis

How can we save the environment and ourselves? Awesome speech by Severn Cullis

April 16th, 2016

There are many problems with the world, most of which I believe could be fixed by sustainability, but what do I mean by sustainability? The word gets thrown around so much it makes me slightly ill; something you should know about me is I can’t stand unreal things, or rather, fake things.  People talk about sustainable energy, recycling, sustainable agriculture but what we really need is a sustainable mindset, all the above, what we need is a mindset that is linked to reality, I’m not a monk I don’t want everybody to live in cardboard boxes I don’t want this.

But I believe that we are responsible for our home staying habitable and people seem to care more about  a second car or a quick buck rather than the planet we live on.

And things get far more complicated than that, talking about the topic of a quick buck, there are loggers destroying thousand year old forests in South America and most of them aren’t bad guys I won’t point fingers because I would do the same thing to save my family from starving.

This world seems to force us to destroy itself but it’s not the world it’s our systems, systems that force us to either destroy or be destroyed a system where you need money not food to survive because you can’t grow your own food.

So what is a Sustainable mindset? I think the best solutions are simple and logical I don’t have all the answers but I believe that a logical mindset would be to care more that everyone is fed before caring about getting “A car, A big shiny, silver, car.” I think it’s a logical mindset too want to take care of our planet if only for self preservation.

I think there’s more to it than that, why is it generally agreed it’s better having a cleaner room/home? I think it has to do with health. A cleaner environment means you are healthier but then there’s a step beyond that where you just put thing in there rightful place there’s a sense of improving your surroundings, making them proper, we should take care of or environment due to a sense of pride.

I don’t like just blowing the whistle with no answers I have a few Ideas I think would help if implemented.



The ability to grow food and allow more light into a large city seems really straight forward if only there was a better way to power it.

See-through solar panels 

This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source (updated)

Ok now we’re getting somewhere!

Or you could just say “Screw it” and get a boat YARR!,

Sea Orbiter

The SeaOrbiter which is being constructed now.

BOOM! mind = blown.

A smaller house could use all these Ideas… just saying.

“All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

  • IsaacMiller

    Love this post. We need to make sustainability something that everyone is aspiring towards. It’s about making personal development sexy. Changing people’s hearts and minds cwn be done and it happens one person at w time.

  • Brad Earl

    A great read
    As you say, showing the sexiness of it as you have done here. People realise it’s the world we all want, and that we don’t have to go back in time and live like monkeys. Technology is paving the way, technology which encourages self reliance on food growth and energy, and the necessities but in a modern and beautiful way.